Why Minds 101

Why Minds 101?

Anyone who has done any sort of course or training, would be familiar with the 101 terminology. It means the very basic, introductory stage of a course. We are not therapists, so anything we discuss in meetings or on this website is kept as simple as possible.

Another reason is, members can simply say “101” when talking about the meeting or website in public, knowing that nobody listening will have any idea what they are talking about. It is easy to remember and maintains anonymity, which is important for newcomers.

Why is the blog not the home page?
I wanted visitors to be initially greeted with a “website” format, which provided them with the most important information and links first. The information in a blog changes constantly, meaning visitors would miss that information, getting distracted by posts. I have made this post “sticky” so it will always appear first.

The blog will contain more in-depth information on various topics and is designed for people to read after they have an understanding of what we are about.

What Qualifications do you have to run a support group?
Absolutely none. As you will see in further posts, people can manage very well by themselves, without needing a professional to tell them what they can or cannot do. There is a Victorian website here which has a lot of material on why.

It is called “Our Consumer Place” and is set up to explain the rights people suffering from mental illness have as “consumers”. As I learned from my first A.A. meeting in 1986, people who have a common problem will listen more to another sufferer than they will to a professional. Called “Identification”, it is a phenomenon that counsellors and therapists very often don’t understand.

Therapists have their place, and I have been to many, but they do not belong in a peer support group. Authority figures, bureaucracy, rules and regulations, and funding justification are just a few of the things that take the freedom and spontaneity out of a group. I have seen many support groups suffocated by them.

Why have a website if you are only a local group?
While the group itself is local, the information I post will not only be about the group, but mental health issues in general. Some information will be simply my thoughts and opinion, while some will be articles about topics from other websites.